Yarn Production

At our facilities we are producing every kind of cotton and viscose blends like Ring Combed, Ring Carded, Open End and Air Jet.

Circular Knitting & Dye House

At our facilities we are producing every kind of circular knitted fabrics like Single Jersey, Ribana, 2 ply fleece, 3 ply fleece, Interlock, Punto di Roma, Punto di Milano, Pique etc.


At our facilities we are producticing every kind of garment from circular knitted fabric like; T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Sweatshirt, Leggings, Pants, Hoody, Tank Top etc. for Man, Woman and Kids.


Economic Solutions

We are always cooperative to find economic solutions about your needs from; yarn, circular knitted fabric, woven fabric, denim fabric and finished garment.

Fast Service

We are avare about the needs and goals of the market, to be succesfull we have located our company in a very stratecig location in Turkey. We are very close to many kind of sourcing and have access to every kind of transportation.