We are pleased to be able to offer 100% combed cotton yarn & carded cotton yarn, carded compact yarn, polyester, viscose blended polyester / cotton yarn in the range from Ne 18s to 40s in single and doubled yarns for knitting and weaving. Polyester Cotton is mainly blended in the combination of 50% Polyester and 50% Cotton.


CARDED Ne 18 to Ne 36 Weaving/Knitting, Dyed
COMBED Ne 18 to Ne 40 Weaving/Knitting, Dyed
COMPACT Ne 30 to Ne 50 Weaving/Knitting
OPEN END Ne 12 to Ne 30 Weaving/Knitting, For Denim
POLY/COTTON Ne 20 to Ne 30 Weaving/Knitting, Dyed